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Lizzie Davis – “Latitudes” album

Just shy of 20-years-old is a singer/songwriter named Lizzie Davis, from Omaha, Nebraska. Six days ago, on September 24th, she self-released her sophomore album, titled Latitudes. New to the artist, I was intrigued to take a listen after the comparison that I read of her sound being “similar to Zooey Deschanel circa She & Him.” Clicked play on “Geography,” and yes, I hear it.

Accompanied by warm guitar strumming, her folk melodies are paired with tender pop vocals like that of a songbird, and a casual delivery which make for a soothing listen. When listening to Latitudes, you’re embraced by her sweet disposition, intimate performances, and heartfelt, honest songs that hit themes of love and daydreaming “Latitudes” & “On My Mind”), nostalgia (“Geography” & “Broken Things”), breakups (“Don’t Wait Up”), revisiting the familiar (“All About The Weather”), letting go (“Little Brother”), freedom (“Getaway”), and others. It’s a good album, and I’m sure Lizzie Davis will rise to big things.

The album was co-produced and recorded by multi-instrumentalist Ben Brodin, who has been important to several careers of musicians within the Saddle Creek label. Stream it in full and purchase the album for $7. Also, her album release party will be held on October 13th at AS220 in Rhode Island. Click the flyer to see the Facebook event.



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Written By: Tiffany B.

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