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Issue 3 is here!

Hello everyone! After reading our first and second issues, you might’ve been anxiously waiting our third issue. Or, maybe you’ll get put on to our magazines because of this particular issue. Either way, welcome and thanks for your interest! Through 58 colorful pages, we feature a load of content with informative articles, interviews, and exclusive photos, touching the usual topics: Music, Art, Fashion, and Lifestyle. Below you will find a more detailed list of what you’ll find on our pages. We hope you enjoy it! And let us know what you think, so perhaps we can feature you on our testimonial page.


ArticlesThe 1975 (alternative rock band), Jaeden Zoe (fashion model & music artist), Darkroom Creations (photography collective), Emmy’s B-Style (hair stylist), Pat Perry (artist), Tyra WM (artist), Black Girls Code (nonprofit organization that teaches young girls of color in fields of science and technology), Beat BBQ (annual producer & food event in Germany), Main Squeeze (the juicing lifestyle as told by a group of people).
Interviews – Tiffology interviews San Jose emcee Haez One about his life, his album Existence No Longer Exists, and his upcoming album (thanks to photographer Joseph Higares for shooting him for us; that’s Haez on the cover); Tiffology talks with New York producer Willie Green while he discusses his album We Live In The Future (thanks to photographer Avery Liburd for shooting him for us); Tiffny writes about the People of Color Problems blog and interviews one of its moderators, Gabriella.
Fashion – Spread of The Teenage Girls line; an exclusive 8-page fashion look with Dynasty Electric (thanks to photographer Maddy Lucas for shooting them for us), a view into the Pantora line.
Did You Hear That / Did You Hear This – The two of us each review 3 albums that we think you should check out. Features music from Chic Gamine, Bad Rabbits, Sweatson Klank, Dead Man’s Bones, Camille, and Moray Beats
Sounds of Summer – Tiffny lists 7 music suggestions that should be on your summer playlist, including music from Sonny_B, Tope, Dub Gabriel, Oona, Lullatone, Fitness Club Fiasco, and Ty.
4 Questions – A unique 4-question interview and art showcase where Tiffology features Feline Zegers and Tiffny features Tara Phillips.
In The Flesh, On The Flesh – Tiffology features two separate artists. On one page, she gives you a look into Jason Freeny‘s very cool anatomy sculptures, and on the next page the calligraphy artist Pokras Lampas who paints his beautiful lettering on beautiful women’s bodies.




Written By: Tiffany B.

Music and arts journalist, music curator, and co-boss babe of CrayonBeats since 2008! I've published 3,000+ posts consisting of new music, reviews, and interviews. I also do half of everything of CrayonBeats Magazine, so get familiar with our issues! Aside from being a music aficionado, I'm also a freelance artist/illustrator, a creative soul, a natural born lover, a comic book reader, an optimist, and a bit of a weirdo. I hate writing bios about myself, so see ya.