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Holy Two & Zerolex – “Eclipse” EP

Hailing from Lyon, France, comes an electro-pop duo called Holy Two, which is made up of Elodie (vocals, keys) and Hadrien (vocals, guitar, beatmaker). From the same country is a producer named Zerolex. In November, they released a collaborative project, titled Eclipse, via Cascade Records.

As a newcomer to both, I went in listening to the project without any expectations. “No Return” was the first song to play, and my ears were greeted with a bold production that was layered with finger snaps, deep and droning keys, a beautiful array of strings, and an atmospheric vibe. The very second that Elodie’s cool, jazzy vocals jumped into the mix, my head lifted in surprise, my ears perked up, and they had my full attention. She’s fantastic, and so is the overall production that surrounds her voice.

The rest of the EP does just the same. There are four original songs, and two remixes by Zerolex. Aside from the remixes, Zerolex also had his hands on “Moonbeam”, which is another favorite of mine. It’s lead by dark, mellow keys and light strings, while Elodie’s striking, Folk vocals sing a solemn tune of fear and the future. Making it a fuller, more robust sound are the push and pull of additional claps, shakers, head-nodding drums, and chunky synth lines. The song is also accompanied by a cinematic, black-and-white music video. Directed by Thibault Charlut, it finds two main characters sitting at opposite ends of a rectangle table, playing a daring game of Russian Roulette. Between scenes, there is a sinister-looking man watching it all go down, acting as a puppet master of sorts, all while a man narrates the emotion through a captivating, contemporary dance routine. I really enjoyed it, so make sure you give it a watch.

Blending folk, electro-pop, electronic, and hip hop genres, Eclipse was a happy surprise to stumble upon. Make sure you stream the project below, and buy it if you’re digging it.


Written By: Tiffany B.

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