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Grayce – “The Golden Girl” EP

I was interested in listening to this girl’s music based on her name alone–the spelling is the same as my grandma’s name. I clicked play on her lead single, “I Love You… But,” and was sold on what she was selling. Good music! Grayce is a London-born soulful pop singer-songwriter that found her love for music during her years growing up in Japan and Hong Kong. She now lives in Los Angeles, California, where she is making a name for herself.

On February 23rd, she dropped her debut EP, titled The Golden Girl. It has 3 tracks that find her singing about the highs and lows that come with love and breakups. “I Love You… But” is an upbeat stomper that was tailored for those moments in life when you know that you deserve better. Her vocals are rich, powerful and, in belting this song, you can feel the frustrated emotions that fuel it. She slows it down in the piano-lead, bluesy ballad “Downfall,” where she examines the unfortunate routine of when someone new captures your heart and then manages to drag you down over time. Lastly, “Pull The Trigger” is a fun, confident track that shifts between being mellow in the verses to defiant in the choruses. It’s a playful way to add in social commentary on abusive relationships (“You swing on the shots that I knew you would take // And I watch while you loaded your gun to aim at me // While i was going up, you were trying to take me down“), and finding the strength to take control of your own life. Vibrant melody with catchy lyrics and a powerful message.

Although it’s a short EP, this was a great introduction to what kind of artist Grayce is. You should listen to it and watch out for this rising golden girl. You can either download the EP for free via Noisetrade, or you can show support by donating $3 via the Bandcamp link listed below. Also, watch the video for “I Love You…But”!



Written By: Tiffany B.

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