Goodbye, CrayonBeats blog

When we started CrayonBeats, we were young and truly engulfed in the music we shared. We put our hearts and souls into this blog and, as the years have gone by, it has grown with us. Together and individually, we have always been creative people with ideas and imaginations that stretched far beyond what we could see. We went from casually blogging online to curating mixtapes, producing an actual print magazine (see digital versions), and even released apparel, with only our imaginations and the will to create to guide us. Those EIGHT YEARS of blogging were the formative and experimental years for our baby, CrayonBeats, and we really appreciate everyone who has supported us and pushed us to dream bigger during those years.

Through blogging, we connected with a lot of people, made new friends, established new business relationships and contacts, and we had the extreme pleasure of working with and interviewing our favorite people. We grew as people and as a small business. The countless Thank Yous, emails of appreciation, encouraging messages and gifts that you guys have sent to us were wholly inspiring and, through it all, we felt like we finally found something that we were truly passionate about. We were doing something we loved and, in the process, we helped build confidence and credibility for the artists and musicians we wrote about here. We were making an impact in the blog world–at least, we feel like we did–and it was a special time for us.

magazines However, we discovered that while doing everything with the blog, it was really difficult to simultaneously keep the magazine engaging and vice versa. While fun, trying to divide our focus on the two was entirely too demanding, so that experience helped lead us to our current decision. Despite living and breathing CrayonBeats for 8 years, we also felt like no one really knew us… besides a couple hundred that we’ve truly connected with over the years. Sure, people knew what kind of music we liked based on what we shared, but not many people–in the grand scheme of things–know who The Two Tiffs are… and we want to change that!

As 2015 was coming to a close, the two of us briefly discussed slowing things down on the blog and re-branding CrayonBeats. Then, with 2016 already in play, we decided that we would stop blogging all together to, instead, expand CrayonBeats into something more (ie: To kick things off, CrayonBeats Magazine makes its return this Summer). It’s a risky move, but we feel that this will help us remain in touch with our passions and allow CrayonBeats to encompass everything that we are and strive to become.

Starting out as young women with a dream, we’ve grown into entrepreneurial women with a business, so this is where we say goodbye a big part of CrayonBeats (the blog) and our lives, and say hello to our vision of CrayonBeats as something bigger and, to be frank, much more awesome. The Magazine is only the beginning of what we’re taking on (with bigger things in its baby steps now), so please stick with us on this journey, because the CrayonBeats you’ve seen so far is nowhere near our final form.

Evolution is key to surviving as a business, and part of being a boss or entrepreneur is making tough decisions. It is necessary, as without it we cannot grow; we invite you to grow with us! Feel free to subscribe to our newsletter and/or follow our social media links below, to stay up to date with what we’re doing and what’s coming next. Also, if you’d like to read or flip through our first run of magazine issues (1-6), you can do so for free with our digital versions here.


We have so much more to show you.

Side note: None of the posts that we have made throughout the years are disappearing; everything will still be here.
You just won’t see anything new after February 29th.


[divider]Thank Yous[/divider]

As stated, we really appreciate everyone for rocking with us over the years, so we want to take a moment to personally shout out just a few people who’ve supported and encouraged us:

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[toggler title=”Tiffny’s Thank Yous” ]

When I started CB, I had no idea that Tiff and I would go this deep and it really makes my heart happy thinking about everyone who’s been with us from the jump. Although I could in no way list everyone who’s impacted me and this blog I do want to take a moment to thank the few who have truly inspired me along the way:

BOOM! Lifestyle: Judy, thank you for being a big sister by proxy and supporting CB in all 0f its stages. Your advice and friendship is so appreciated and irreplaceable. You’re amazing and I can’t thank you enough.

Hanzo Reiza: Although we became friends late in the game, you’ve always shown us genuine love and support! You’ve treated us like sisters and pushed us to keep creating! Thank you~

Julian Nagano & Sonny B: You guys are truly CrayonBeats family. In fact, I can honestly say that had I not met you two on JPM, there would not be a CrayonBeats AT ALL, so thank you for introducing me to the dopest and inspiring me too. Even though we’ve never actually met, I consider you guys as brothers from another mother, for sure. In terms of ‘people who  changed my life,’ y’all are definitely in my TOP 5 (Myspace reference hehe).

Mecca Godzilla: Our paths crossed randomly via bandcamp and you’ve been such a true friend, I can’t even begin to thank you for your support but I’ll try. You’ve pushed me to be creative and innovative in more ways than one and I appreciate you so much. You took to CrayonBeats with open arms and treated us like true sisters, giving us all the positive energy and support the in the universe. Thank you so, so much!

LASTLY to everyone who’s ever pushed us to do our CrayonBeats-ing, I really want to say thank you from the bottom of my heart! From Myspace to infinity, I really hope you guys stick around!

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[toggler title=”Tiffology’s Thank Yous” ]
Family: Dad and mom, mostly.

Close Friends: Michelle, Brian, and Jake Palumbo. You three have been my go-to people that I’ve talked with about everything, throughout the years. Thank you all for supporting CrayonBeats, for encouraging me along the way, and for being by my side. Also, Jake Palumbo, thank you for mixing and mastering most of the CrayonBeats compilations! I’d also like to thank my core UGHHH fam for all the dope music (and friendships) I’ve been put onto since way back.

Myspace: This might seem funny to most people, but without it, I would have never met Tiffny and CrayonBeats would have never became what it was and is today.

Photographers: Nick Bulanda, Joseph Higares, Maddy Lucas, and Cindy Clark. Thank you all for being so cool and talented, and shooting for CrayonBeats/CrayonBeats Magazine.

Some long-time supporters: DJ Bizkid, Nomar Slevik, Anacron, Elaquent, Dibia$e, Stainless Steele, Ill Clinton, Matty Slims, Aaron Brown, QM, Rey Resurreccion, Special, Ikabod Bum, and Megabusive, just to name a few off the top of my head.

If you have been around since damn-near Day One, supported CrayonBeats at any point, encouraged me along the way, listened to me be proud and ecstatic about things I was working on, have provided me with dope music to listen to and be excited to blog about, have worked with me on anything, or have established some form of bond with me because of CrayonBeats… thank you from the bottom of my heart. These 8 years of blogging was an unforgettable, life-changing experience that helped me find what I love to do and hope to do with the rest of my life. I can’t wait to show you what CrayonBeats is about to become.