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Fever Seoul Competition

Fever Seoul was an online bboy and bgirl competition organized by Seoul City Government to spread a worldwide appreciation for the bboy culture in Seoul. While the competition is over, I still wanted to shed light on it. In September, participants sent in their videos for a chance to battle against Korean bboys Bruce Lee, Pocket, Vero, Skim, Rookie, and Jay Park. After a couple of rounds and call-outs by youtube submissions, they chose the top 6 international finalists to fly out to Seoul to battle against the top 6 Korean breakers. Repping the international top 6 are: Redo (Holland), Atomic Goofball (USA), Yoriyas (Africa), Drama (Italy), Aranha (Brazil), and Victor Kim (USA). So check out submissions and the videos below…

This is the video showing the first round of the Korean bboys calling out all bboys/bgirls to battle for a spot in the competition…

Next is the video where they chose the top 15 from Round 1

Submissions Round 1 went to Atomic Goofball, Victor Kim, Aranha, and Yoriyas. And the final two spots from Round 2 were filled by Drama and Redo. Below are links to go see the submission videos from each worldwide bboy… what got them into the Fever Seoul competition:

Atomic GoofballRound 1 & Round 2
YoriyasRound 1 & Round 2
AranhaRound 1 & Round 2
Victor KimRound 1 & Round 2
RedoRound 2
DramaRound 2

Seoul City flew the 6 bboys out to Seoul, Korea for the competition. Here is Victor Kim’s experience… where it also shows part of the competition.

Redo (Holland) – Youtube | Facebook
Atomic Goofball (USA) – Youtube | Blog | Facebook | Twitter
Yoriyas (Africa) – Youtube | Facebook
Aranha (Brazil) – Youtube
Victor Kim (USA) – Youtube | Website | Twitter
Drama (Italy) – ??

You can google or youtube search any of the Korean bboys, but here’s some videos as a little taster to their skills…

PocketIBE 2010 | IBE 2009
Bruce LeeIBE 2010 | 2010 Gamblerz Crew | 2009 Clips
VeroIBE 2009
Skim2010 Cyon
Rookie2010 Clips | More clips
Jay ParkClips

Hope you enjoyed watching the videos as much as I did. Shout out to bboys and bgirls, and dancers in general, worldwide doing their thing. And to Seoul City for doing the competition.

Seoul City: Website | Facebook | Youtube

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