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Droid Daughter – “Mesoamber” album

Having never heard of Droid Daughter before, I clicked on the retweeted link by Myc Ripley and pressed play out of curiosity. Actually, you know what drew me in? A picture of the Bandcamp page was attached, and the warm colors of tangerine, plum, and fuchsia blending together with stars peeking out from the sky was just so pretty. The album’s title track “Mesoamber” was the first to play, and the distorted bassline in conjunction with swirling, haunting vocals, bells, and other fragments of delicate sounds pulled me in. I’m feelin’ it!

Connor Lepre is an Electronic producer from Philadelphia and he makes music under the name Droid Daughter. His first official album was Aches & Tides, released independently in July 2012, and was followed by a couple EPs. His second album, titled You Never Escape The Sun, dropped in February of this year. Then, throughout 2013, he put out a collection of 4 EPs: Afrodesia, You + Time, Mira, and Ferns For Hazel. All downloadable for free (or, set a price of your own by donating to the artist himself).

This brings us to his latest album, Mesoamber. It’s compiled of 10 beats that were created between the months of March and July. About the album, he said, “The end of Spring was weird, so hopefully that comes through here.” Guest features from singer Erin Porter, Electronic musician Kidaudra, soul vocalist Amir Jamar, and singer Kate Kushin. Droid Daughter constructed beats that are equal parts quirky, dream-like, and experimental, and they are rich in textures and samples. Mid tempo and ambient rhythms, dusty drums, rippling basslines, beautiful piano chords, sensual horns, hand claps and finger snaps, 8-bit arcade effects, stimulating vocals that set the mood… everything to get your head nodding, body relaxed, and mind contemplating.

It’s very hard to choose just a couple of favorite, stand-out tracks, because I thoroughly enjoyed the whole project. For real. Stream and download for free.


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Written By: Tiffany B.

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