Deuce Eclipse & J.Lately – “The Setup” album

Emcees Deuce Eclipse and J.Lately released their collaborative album, titled The Setup, on July 31st. There are 10 songs, with production credits to Jamie Way, Oops, Mind & Matta, Falling Blocks, and Kevin’s Laboratory, and only one guest feature from Zion I. Switching between rapping and singing, as well as English and Spanish, these two Bay Area emcees lace up hard-hitting boom bap beats with intricate lyrics that are packed with tight flows, clever wordplay, positive perspectives, emotional depth, personal storytelling, conscious bars, and everything that you’re sure to like from Deuce Eclipse and J.Lately.

They have a song that speaks on motivation and doing their part of making music that promotes creativity and inspiration (“What’s Your Part”); uplifting songs about hard work, persistence, and doing it for the love (“Rollin” and “Sun Turns Grey”); a song that references Blues musicians, while illustrating the pain and struggle of their own past and their family histories (“Raised On The Blues”); a song about showing love to and supporting your fellow people and the musicians that you love (“Pick ‘Em Up”); a song about being weary of the snakes and corrupt authorities-in-power all around you, with a hopeful hook about change (“The Setup”); and more.

It’s a dope album, so make sure you give it a listen. If you like it, which I don’t see why you wouldn’t, make sure you either buy it on iTunes or pay what you want for it on Bandcamp. Also, watch the Andrew Elsayid-directed video for “What’s Your Part” below.

PURCHASE/DOWNLOAD: iTunes | Bandcamp