CB Premiere: kidDEAD – “Hard Working Man” video

Nashville-based rapper kidDEAD (@kidDEADcult) dropped another fun music video from his debut album, Rap and Destroy. Produced by Phantom Pharmer, “Hard Working Man” finds an energetic and passionate kidDEAD telling a story about the struggle and hustle that almost every artist finds themselves caught up in. Whether that’s working a mundane job by day, then putting your heart in soul into what you love by night; or doing everything to avoid that mundane cycle by becoming a ski mask-wearing, gun-slanging, bike-riding, villainous character that resorts to selling jars of juiced vegetables and bagged carrots, and/or stealing money to get by. Sometimes you have to do what you need to do in order to be happy or stay afloat.

Taken one of the verses: “Find that truth that’s one in a million // One hard worker when I feel willing // But I’m not spending my life in your building // I’d rather hang my neck from a ceiling // Than live a life that’s unfulfilling // It’s more than time that they are stealing // It’s heart, it’s soul, it’s future // And you’re just numbers in a computer.”

It’s a very dope song, so be sure to watch the video below. Then, stream the album in full and buy it if you’re feeling it!

From kidDEAD, about “Hard Working Man”:
“Nashville is a city where your favorite musician may also be your favorite waiter or barista. Truth is that you just never know who you will run into in the workplace in this Mecca of artists.”

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