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CB Premiere: Cantalouper – “Crybaby”

Cantalouper is a 4-piece indie rock band, from Columbia, Missouri, made up between Levi Dolan (vocals, guitar), Chuck Parzych III (drums), Andrew Dolan (keyboard), and Josh Reid (bass). On May 8th, they will be releasing their second full-length album, to follow-up their 2008 release, Mandrakes. Partially crowdfunded, this new album, titled Reproduction, sounds pretty good so far, seeing as how they’ve already released the first two singles (“Parking Lot” and “Katydid“, which you can hear here on their website).

I was introduced to this band’s music over the weekend, thanks to Spoken Nerd, and here I am premiering the third single from their upcoming album! “Crybaby” is a rock-and-roll song that rides heavily on grungy guitar riffs and banging snares, while Levi sings a song about bullies that try to act tough, by picking on others. It’s a good song, with a powerful message, so go ahead and try to resist the urge to play these air instruments, while you sing along. Listen below, and download for free.


If you’re in Columbia, make sure you hit up Cafe Berlin, on May 8th, for the Reproduction release show. Sponsored by Hitt Records. Click the flyer below for more information.



Written By: Tiffany B.

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