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Goodbye, CrayonBeats blog

When we started CrayonBeats, we were young and truly engulfed in the music we shared. We put our hearts and souls into this blog and, as the years have gone by, it has grown with us. Together and individually, we have always been creative people with ideas and imaginations that stretched far beyond what we could see. We went from casually blogging online to curating mixtapes, producing an actual print magazine (see digital versions), and even released apparel, with only our imaginations and the will to create to guide us. Those EIGHT YEARS of blogging were the formative and experimental years for our baby, CrayonBeats, and we really appreciate everyone who has supported us and pushed us to dream bigger during those years.
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CrayonBeats Merch is on its way! Thank YOU!

Yep you read that right! Tiffology and I (Tiffny) want to send out a BIG Thank You to everyone who purchased a hoodie or t-shirt! We are super excited and appreciative for everyone who supported us! Even if you couldn’t purchase, we love you for helping us spread the word, so a big thank you as well to everyone who tweeted, posted and reblogged about our Teespring! We can’t wait to see everyone in their shirts, so please remember to tag us on Twitter,Instagram , Facebook and tumblr : @crayonbeats ! Thank You again so much everyone! You guys are awesome!

And because I’m feeling sooo freaking happy, here’s some Pentatonix singing…well, Happy!

Pentatonix: Twitter | Facebook | Official

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CB In NYC Fundraiser – Buy A Shirt!

Hey, everyone! As you guys know, Tiffny and I have been blogging together on CrayonBeats for 6+ years. What you may not know, though, is this January will be the first time that we’re going to be on the same coast, at the same time, as we finally meet in NYC! The Two Tiffs will join up for a new adventure, yay! In order to help with the expenses, we want to sell some T-shirts and hoodies with the CrayonBeats logo, using Teespring‘s awesome crowd-funding feature! If you ever wanted to own some CrayonBeats merch, now is the time. We figured this route was better than setting up a GoFundMe and begging for your hard earned money, as you’ll get something cool in return! Plus, the Potato Salad Guy already fucked up the Kickstarter game for everyone, so hey, this is the next best thing (and who can compete with potato salad anyway)!
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CB Social

Hey Everyone! This is just going to be a real quick post letting you all know where to find CrayonBeats across the interwebs. Tiff and I have been talking about how we want to interact with you all more and it dawned on me that even though we have so many different channels for you guys to connect with us, we haven’t been doing a good job in letting you guys know about them! So here ya go, just in case you wanted to follow us at our different social media profiles for both CrayonBeats and individually. Feel free to hit the follow/like buttons and shoot the shit with us!


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****Please do not use our social media profiles as a means to submit music to us. Please see our Submissions Guidelines for more information if you’re interested in sending material to CrayonBeats.****

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What’s up people! Happy New Year from the Two Tiffs! I (Tiffny) and Tiffology hope good times were had by all as you rang in the new year and kissed 2013 goodbye. We’ve been working on the site for the past few days so that you guys have something fresh for the new year. So here’s what’s changed since the last time you logged on to CrayonBeats:


Tiff and I decided it was time for a change of color  and so the look for the moment is Blue…or rather Cyan. Aside from it being one of our favorite colors, the cyan accents tie in with a future project we’ve got cooking called CMYK but more on that later, back to this here new setup. With the new look, we’ve got new features:  At the top, you’ll have noticed that lovely ticker bar. That’ll let you know about (and directly link you to) the latest posts we have on the blog.  Also, the top navigation bar‘s got everything broken down for you, making it easier to browse around your favorite content from us! This means if you’re interested in just the music, scroll over that tab and let the magic begin! Don’t forget to utilize our search function locate at the top and bottom of the page if you’d like to find something in particular!


Everybody loves free shit, right?! If you’ve missed any issue from 2013, make sure you download them all, because they’re FREE yo! Yep that’s right, you can now download issues 1-4 for free! Don’t feel like downloading, or at work/school and you can’t download? Well no worries because you can still access and share all of the content without limitations. You’re probably like “Stop talking about it and just post the links!”, right? OK! OK! You can get your hands on the digital copies by heading to our magazine page or directly at:

CrayonBeats Magazine @ ISSUU 

PS: Share the link(s) to anyone you think would be interested in reading our mag! I mean after all, it is free, and sharing is caring!


So if you’ve read this far down, you should have passed that part where I mentioned one of our future projects called CMYK. Well, I can’t go into too much detail now, but I can tell you this: the idea of CMYK hit me in a dream, I told Tiffology of said dream, she and I brainstormed, and after a few refinements, we’ve really got something that we think you guys (err– girls *hint hint*) will enjoy! That’s all I can say about it right now, but look out for it Summer 2014, yeah? YEAH!

Also upcoming this year, we’re bringing back our Weapon Of Choice video series! YAY! This series is one of Tiffology’s many brainchildren (?…is that a thing?) and we first tested it out with Bay Area musician Nima Fadavi. Make sure you check out the “pilot” episode of Weopon of Choice to get an idea of what’s in store for this coming year! If you like it, leave us a comment on the blog post/page, we love when you guys give us feedback!

Last but not least, Tiffology and I will be embarking on a very special Summer Series this year. We were really devastated that last year’s event had to be cancelled due to Tiff’s health, but now that we’re back on track, we have plans for this year’s Summer Series to be extra fun for both us and you guys out there! Also speaking of SS13: the Raffle that we were holding only received like 2 entries, so if you sent in your receipt, we should be contacting you soon. Details for this year’s raffle will be up as soon as we figure out some goodies you all might like!

That’s about it for the updates! Now go download those magazines and let us know what you think, and make sure you share the links to your friends, family, and social networks!!

Tiff and I are so amp’d for the new year~ We’ll work hard to bring you guys the best CrayonBeats you’ve seen yet!

Peace and Prosperity,
Tiffny & Tiffology
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Summer Series 2013 UPDATE

Hello Everyone,

Tiffny here with an update about this year’s Summer Series. Unfortunately, Tiffology and I will not be making it out to The Bay Area for this year’s event. Those of you who’ve liked us on Facebook or follow Tiffology on Twitter should have some idea of what she has been going through health-wise, and while she and I have been looking forward to visiting the San Francisco, we decided to cancel this year’s event so that she may focus on what’s more important: her health. We hope you guys can understand (and if you can’t, fuck off).

This year: We will still be moving forward with the raffle, but in light of the cancellation we’ve updated the prizes and extended the deadline until September 30th, 2013. This means that if you’ve purchased any issue of the magazine you still have time to enter. For details on the updated contest terms and how to enter, go here, or visit the links below.

Summer Series | Raffle

Next year: En route to our Summer Series 2014 destination,  will have a one day event in SF (kind of a meet and greet/picnic/get together thing) which will be open to anyone who wants to come. More details later. Hopefully we see you then!

We thank you guys for understanding and for sending your love to Tiffology!


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CrayonBeats presents: “This Might Hurt” contest

Hey everyone! If you’re fans or following us, you may already know about this contest.

The “This Might Hurt” mini contest is an opportunity for sound providers (singers, rappers, beat makers/producers, spoken word poets, etc) worldwide to make some music and share it with our audience and listeners. Our compilations reach people all over the globe, so you’re bound to gain new fans and people reaching out to you. Let’s all come together with music – you help us, we help you.
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