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Calibro 35 – “The Butcher’s Bride” video

Several months ago, Italian funk band Calibro 35 dropped another music video, for the song “The Butcher’s Bride”, from their Traditori di Tutti album (one that I really enjoyed!). I just stumbled upon it today, and had to share it.

Directed by John Snellinberg, the video follows the life of a butcher and his woman, complete with violence, a heist, murder, and an unexpected ending. Much like their other videos, this looks as if it was taken straight out of a 70’s crime-drama, and it helps that the music is so exquisite. I love this song, because it’s guided by funky strings, a sense of urgency, and the voice of a woman moaning. Sexy and the element of danger, all rolled into one. Check it out!

Written By: Tiffany B.

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