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Blahzé Misfits – “As Fate Would Have It” album

You should know who producer Lyle Horowitz is by now, but did you know that he also has a rap alter-ego? Rapping under the alias Ly Moula, he and fellow rapper Georgie Jessel linked up to become the duo Blahzé Misfits. As Fate Would Have It is Ly‘s first rap album, and their first as a collective, and it’s pretty dope! In fact, as someone who’s been behind the beats for several years, I’m thinking he’s been perfecting his rap style all this time so he could be taken serious–and is just now unleashing that talent for us. Because sometimes when producers try their hand at spitting, there’s a 50/50 chance of either being good or straight up terrible (there is no grey area). In Ly’s case, he’s talented on both ends… applause now.

And let me not forget Georgie Jessel. I have never heard of this guy before (and can’t find much information on him), but props to him, too, because I thoroughly enjoyed this album. I will say, though, that because I’ve never heard Lyle’s voice before, I cannot decipher between the two on the album. They sound similar, so it’s even harder (although, Lyle tells me his vocals are more monotone). And, as I listen to the songs, they kind of imply that they nonchalantly wrote the rhymes in boredom or spare time–natural flow of writing–which I suppose would explain the Blahzé portion of the name. Don’t misconstrue that for being lazy rappers either, because they’re definitely not. There’s some gold nuggets here!

Released on December 10th, 2013, the album consists of 10 tracks. Only a couple guest features, coming from Jezzabell Doran and Melvin Burch. The sample-based, percussion-driven beats can be described as head-nodding, infectious, and nostalgic. It’s fun and upbeat, yet soothing and melodic. It’s all cohesive in sound, too, despite the handful of producers involved (Pitzo Sound Productions, Contact Lens, Flume, Dead Horse Beats, Atu, Aspie, and Beat Gates). Very dope backdrops for the lyrical content. Favorite tracks include the bouncy, whistling track about women (“Going Down“); the perspective of rap track (“Eloquent Benevolence“), the melancholy, introspective piece about relationships and being alone (“Let Me“); the electro-synth track that’s the opposite of the previous track, and is love-inspired (“Keep You“); and the short song with a looped sample from the 90’s dance-pop song “Sexual” that I forgot about until now (“Way I Feel“).

The album is equal parts honest and fun! Now that I’ve said all that, why don’t you take a listen? Then, download for FREE!

From Ly Moula:
“We began the writing and recording of this project towards the end of May, evolving from a small idea into something beyond our own expectations of what we could create. In many ways, I feel like this is the culmination of a lot of things and we couldn’t be more proud of how this project turned out and all the hard work & honesty we put into it.”


Written By: Tiffany B.

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