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Album Review: QM – “I Shoulda Been A Surfer” EP

In celebration of the Warriors winning the NBA finals, San Francisco rapper QM released his I Shoulda Been A Surfer EP earlier than expected. “The Warriors won the NBA Finals. I got a lil drunk, and put out my new EP,” QM confessed.

Produced entirely by Ben Waid, this 4-track EP features 6 guest artists. Always representing for his Rec-League collective, “#REC” finds fellow Rec artists Proe, Maclane, and Richie Cunning joining QM, where the four tag-team with boastful, “muthafuck yo’ feelings” bars on this dusty boom bap, bass-thumping joint.

Channeling Mac Dre in the hook of “Beaches & Bridges”, QM and Eddie K lay up on the beaches with brews, rapping about their love for the Bay Area. I like both of their flows, the beat is catchy, and this could be one of those California summer jams that you hear at BBQs/parties. Look out for a music video to this song in due time.

The third track on the EP is “IOWANNA”, and it features verses from LightBulb and Luke Sick. Over dusty drums, a rumbling bassline, sporadic beep-boop effects, and a familiar hip hop vocal sample in the hook, these three get wild on the mic with an energetic presence, a determination to deliver dope bars, and a playful, yet cautionary warning that there oughta be a law to keep a lot of them indoors. This would be a dope one to see live.

Coming straight from the previous uptempo hitters, “Relax Your Mind” is a little too chill for me. Perhaps it’s good on its own, apart from the rest of the EP, but when it’s immediately followed by tracks like “Beaches & Bridges” and “IOWANNA”, I get the sleepy eyes. And the result of that is I don’t like it as much as the first three songs. It’s mostly a slowed-down instrumental, with only a handful of QM lines at the beginning and end. I think I hear “roll it up” getting repeated after QM’s parts, so this might be a song best suited for smokers to unwind to. Haha. Either way, this is the only one that I’m not feeling as much, which is what brought down my rating. The others are all cool by me.

Stream the EP now, and name your price on the EP via Bandcamp!


Written By: Tiffany B.

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