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Album Review: Max Caddy – Caddy Tracks

While writing the post about Corina Corina‘s free download of her song “Birds“, it reminded me that I still needed to do a little write-up about her band. I didn’t find out about her band, until I was listening to her album, where one of the bonus cuts is a Max Caddy cover of “Me and Those Dreamin’ Eyes of Mine”.

Max Caddy is an acoustic blues duo between Corina Corina (vocals) and Jesse O’Neill (acoustic guitar and vocals). On February 12th, 2013, they put out their 5-track debut EP, Caddy Tracks, for the pay-what-you-want price. And, since I’m on my album reviewing tip this week… I’m gonna go ahead and track this one out too.

Capturing their rock influences in the song, Jesse kicks off the album with his acoustic strumming and confessional vocals, “I was a bad man before, and I told you I’d make amends.” Corina soon saddles up right beside him, joining in on the singing. The two share equal parts on vocals, as they tell a story of an old, now-distant relationship through conversational style. And, just because it has “blues” in the title, doesn’t mean it as such–Corina sings with some built-up sass (“I knew you were lyin // You never made any amends“). Go on, girl.

I used to love you before, and I told you it would never end (x2) // I used to love you before, til I walked out that door // Said I’m not wasting my time no more // I used to love you before, but I left and haven’t seen you since.

I walked a long mile, and I spent all I had to spend (x2) // Walked a long mile for what’s worth while // Spent my good feelings, used up my smiles // And I walked a long mile, now my face can’t make a grin.

Jesse really shows off his swift fingers with this upbeat tune; and a pessimistic Corina shares stories of her qualms with love. “If love is so grand, yeah, then maybe I missed it.

The duo slows it down to evoke the heartache and loneliness that Corina sings about. This talented songbird shows off the delicacy and fragility in her voice, particularly when she reaches those soft, whisper notes. A bluesy-folk sad ballad.

Yes, if you recognized the title, you know this is a cover of D’Angelo’s soulful song. Although it doesn’t top or come close to the original, I commend their confidence. But, I do think that they did a good R&B rendition. They kick up the rhythm, and the song’s structure is really catchy. Job well done.

Rounding off the album is a more country-folk tinged single. Jesse’s warm vocals paired with Corina’s is like butter and strawberry jam on hot toast. A really delightful pairing. This bluesy relaxed song is about being far from home, but making the necessary moves to be closer. I really enjoyed when they’d sing different verses at the same time, one-third through the song. This is that song that you listen to on a cross-country road trip to visit family and loved ones.

I’m up and making moves today // I had the blues but they went away // Soon as I saw your smiling face // They were a long, long way from here // They were a long, long way from here.


This is their debut EP, giving their fans and new ears a taste of what they have to offer. It features a batch of catchy, sing-a-long songs that will get stuck in your head. You may find yourself singing out some of these with your eyes closed, performing to an audience of zero. I know I did. Stream and download Caddy Tracks for free; or, if you’re the supporting type… donate some money when you download.

Beginning March 9th, they’ll be doing a 4-day tour, performing these songs live throughout North Carolina, and ending in Louisiana.

Caddy Tracks Tour (Max Caddy)
Saturday, 3/9- Hillsborough, NC @ Billsborough Music Hall
Sunday 3/10- Chapel Hill, NC @ Local 506
Mon 3/11- Asheville, NC @ Isis
Tues 3/12 Shreveport, LA @ Twine


Written By: Tiffany B.

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