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Album Review: J.Lately x Nima Fadavi – “Fly With Us” EP

Oakland-based rapper J.Lately released his Fly With Us EP almost two weeks ago, produced entirely by one of our favorite Bay Area producers Nima Fadavi. It’s a 5-track album that features original songs, and it’s available to download for free!

The title track is the first song that I’ve ever heard by J.Lately, and I was digging him then. This EP made me a fan. What I like about it is that there’s a strong sense of unity, optimism, and appreciation. I can hear the heart and soul that he put into Fly With Us, which is packed with honest experiences, relatable perspectives, positive progression, and a pure love for music.

The subject matter speaks on being thankful for what he has, rather than focusing on what he doesn’t (“Blessed“); loving and appreciating the quality of life (“Fly With Us“); working hard and pushing past all obstacles to reach goals/dreams (“Devotion“); reflecting back on how far he’s come (“Givin’ It“); and, accompanied by Rey Resurreccion, they rap about not losing hope and not letting self-doubt drag you down (“Patience“).

To help illustrate the good-feeling vibes of this album, Nima Fadavi constructed beats that are relaxing and breezy in sound. They’re mostly lead by upbeat, head-nodding drum rhythms, rapid hi-hats at the top, delicate keys, soulful vocal samples, and minimal synth lines. It’s such a dope album–these two make a great pair! I don’t have any criticism for it, because I really enjoyed it all the way through. Stream and download now!


Written By: Tiffany B.

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